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The Message Of Islam Full Movie In Hindi

The message of islam full movie in hindi

The message of islam full movie in hindi is a dubbed version of the 1976 epic historical drama film The Message, which chronicles the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the origins of Islam. The film was directed by Moustapha Akkad, a Syrian-American filmmaker who wanted to make a film that would bridge the gap between the Western and Islamic worlds. The film was shot in two versions, one in English and one in Arabic, with different actors taking over some of the roles due to language requirements. The film was also approved by Al-Azhar University, the highest religious authority in the Islamic world.

The film depicts the 7th century in Mecca, where powerful leaders are in conflict with the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who attacks their way of life and the injustice it produces. After seeing a vision of the Angel Gabriel, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) calls the people of Mecca to cast aside the 300 idols of Kaaba and worship only one God. Despite bitter opposition from the leaders of Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his faithful followers meet secretly to listen to the revelations of the word of God. The leaders respond with persecution, forcing the Muslims to leave Mecca and take sanctuary in Medina. After a revelation from God, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) agrees to take arms against Mecca and battle until justice reigns. The idols of Kaaba are destroyed and the holy place is dedicated to the worship of one God.

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The film features a star-studded cast, including Anthony Quinn as Hamza, Irene Papas as Hind, Michael Ansara as Abu Sofyan, Johnny Sekka as Bilal, Michael Forest as Khalid, Garrick Hagon as Ammar, Damien Thomas as Zaid, André Morell as Abu-Talib, Martin Benson as Abu-Jahal, Robert Brown as Otba, Rosalie Crutchley as Somaya, Bruno Barnabe as Umaya, Neville Jason as Jaafar, John Bennett as Salool, and Donald Burton as Amr. The film also has a memorable musical score by Maurice Jarre, who composed the music for Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago.

The message of islam full movie in hindi was released in India in 1977 and became a huge hit among the Muslim audience. The film was praised for its accuracy, authenticity, and respect for the Islamic faith. The film also inspired many people to learn more about Islam and its teachings. The film is considered to be one of the best historical movies of Islam ever made and a "Message" of Islam to the non-Muslim world.

If you want to watch The message of islam full movie in hindi online, you can find it on [YouTube], [The Choice], or [EduIslam]. You can also buy or rent the DVD from various online platforms. The film is available in both Urdu and Hindi languages.

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