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Buy Counter Stools

Enjoy the view from up high on a bar stool. Whether you want to start the day in comfy breakfast bar stools or end the night with tall drinks on sleek bar stools, we have ones to suit your style. Our designs vary with backrests, footrests, space-saving foldability and height-specific adjustability.

buy counter stools

You should leave enough space between bar stools for comfortable movement between anyone seated at a counter or table. Think of being out at a crowded bar. Bar stools need to be spaced justenough apart for anyone to get up and retake their seat comfortably.

Leather? Fabric? Wood? The material you choose for your counter or bar stools reflects your personality. Moreover, choosing to complement the space with like-colors or adding a beautiful contrasting hue brings together your design style.

We love how the sleek look of our Hirsch stools keeps this dining space modern. The white bonded leather pulls in the lightness from the rug, and acts as a contrast to the dark island and counter top.

A great option for kids or any bar or counter that gets plenty of use, the Leo stool is packed with style and function. A polyethylene seat holds up to wear and tear, while a chrome base looks sleek and modern. Adjustability means Leo will work no matter the height of the counter, the bar or the person!

Like shopping for a new sofa, choosing stools that fit your design aesthetic might seem easy, but can be surprisingly difficult. For expert guidance, we tapped Delyse Berry, cofounder of interiors and real estate firm Upstate Down. Berry specializes in sourcing home decor, furniture consultation, and creating strategic layouts, so she understands the importance of merging form and function for the ideal bar and counter stool.

While these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, Berry points out there's a difference in height worth paying attention to. "Bar height stools are generally around 30 inches off the ground for a 42-inch bar height. Counter height stools are generally around 25 inches off the ground for a 36-inch counter," she tells POPSUGAR. It's important to get exact measurements for your counter and make sure the seat height of the stool is going to be comfortable for you.

There's nothing worse than having a cluttered walkway or seating that's squeezed so close together you can't move. Berry has a general rule of thumb for considering the space you'll need for kitchen island seating. "Typically, the working side of an island is a busy walkway and workspace. The stool side of an island should ideally be more open and have substantially more space behind it," says Berry. When sourcing bar and counter stools, she keeps in mind a specific formula: "We like to leave at least 48 inches of space between the back of kitchen island stools and any other furniture or structure. As a standard seating rule, you should have at least 24 inches of space for one seat and about 6 inches between stools."

To narrow down the options, you'll want to first consider your budget. Deciding how much you want to spend will help you hone in on choices that are accessible. Functionality should also play a critical role. Do you need stools with swivel mechanisms? Do you have kids who need to be able to adjust their stools to reach the counter? If comfort is a high priority, you might want to look for stools with cushioned seats.

Berry also points out another big decision choice: choosing between going backless or opting for a back for extra support. "For a super minimal look or if the countertops are really show-stopping, we might go backless to really let the kitchen shine," she says. On the other hand, she points out that comfort isn't the only reason you might choose a stool with a back. "There are so many beautifully made stools; using one with a full back is a great opportunity to add texture and warmth to your kitchen," she says. "[Chair backs are] a great chance to add some curved shapes to a linear space," she says. When asked about her go-to materials, earthier options took the lead. "We love using leather, natural fibers, and linen," she says.

If you're looking for stools that play a supporting role instead of stealing the stage, Berry recommends going with backless stools. This Castlery Abel Leather Counter Stool ($229) still packs plenty of style with its slim legs and curved leather seat. It also has a perfect five-star rating from more than 30 reviewers.

Whether you are in the process of a kitchen renovation or looking to update your existing kitchen new modern counter stools will make a huge difference. When it comes to modern counter stools there are so many to choose from in every style and budget.

While most retailers have counter island stools in their assortment of furniture I have my favorites. These are the retailers I always find myself going to when shopping for modern contemporary furniture.

The Easton counter stool features an intricately woven seat with sand rope and a light gray seat cushion. It is crafted in mahogany hardwood which has fine grains and is super durable. This style is timeless and built to last.

At just under $180 this set of two counter stools is another fabulous option for anyone just starting out or on a budget. It has a metal frame and upholstered seat that makes it comfortable for everyday use.

As for the width allowance for each stool, give about 15 inches per stool as your starting point (so a 5-foot counter can accommodate four stools). But this might work only if your bar stools are on the slender side. For wider seats or ones that swivel, allow for more elbow room.

Have a modern home? Gillespie suggests acrylic stools with metal legs or backless industrial swivel stools for a downtown loft vibe. A traditional home might benefit from a wooden spindle-back stool. You can also add unexpected freshness to your kitchen with colorful stools or cushions.

Customizable StoolsIf you want a more personalized look and feel, our Cobb Collection, where you can choose between counter and bar height, finish colors, and wood seat finishes. The result is an industrial-inspired bar stool personalized for your space, made to last and endure everyday wear.

Vintage StoolsAdd character and create an eclectic look by mixing vintage stools into your home from our curated collection of Antiques & Vintage. Available in different sizes and stylistic eras, from Industrial to Mid-Century Modern designs, find the right piece for your space.

Backless or Full-Back StoolsFor a cleaner look, opt for a backless stool that can easily slide underneath your table or countertop when not in use. If you need more back support while sitting, full-back stools are a sturdy solution that provides ample comfort. We have options in a range of materials, including solid wood, metal, and upholstered in fabric or leather.

We believe home design should be stylish and distinctive. Whether looking for a chic set of breakfast bar stools or mixing and matching wood counter stools for a dynamic kitchen, finding the perfect stools to buy for your space lets you highlight your style with a casual seating element. When you shop online at Lulu and Georgia, our well-designed and thoughtfully curated collection of stools and bar chairs are perfect for your look, offering the opportunity to elevate your space with a personal design statement.

A bar stool typically has a taller profile with a seat height between 28 to 32 inches, ideal for breakfast bars and counters that are 40 to 42 inches off the ground. Counter stools have seats at 24 to 27 inches, tailored to a kitchen island or lower countertop about 36 inches off the ground. Though some stools are made for a particular scale, many kitchen stool designs come at either counter or bar height, letting you style the piece to suit your space.

It's important to style the right amount, whether opting for the upholstered comfort of traditional bar chairs, the pared-down lines of a sleek black counter stool, or even a mixed and matched collection of wicker bar stools of seats to suit the space. Crowding a counter or table with too many stools can feel cluttered and cumbersome, while too few stools at a long counter can feel like an awkward afterthought.

The rule of thumb is to have about 30 inches of counter space for each stool. That provides the most seating while still leaving room to sit and stand easily. Remember to leave 2-3 feet of space behind your kitchen stools for foot traffic. If space is a concern, consider a streamlined, backless design for a look that feels bright and open.

Whether matching your stools to your dining set or sideboard or opting for an eclectic approach with a mixed grouping, there are nearly endless options when you shop for kitchen stools and bar chairs. Here are a few of the styles we love to get you started.

Nothing refreshes a casual look quicker than woven bar stools. From the on-trend appeal of rattan counter stools to the coastal tone of a seagrass rush seat, woven and wicker bar stools are a great way to bring natural texture and an airy style to a laid-back space. The woven rope seat of our London Indoor / Outdoor Bar Stool is made from a synthetic cord so that you can style it as an easy-care kitchen option or as part of a patio snack bar.

Pared-down wood counter stools or streamlined slim-iron frames can offer an elevating touch with understated appeal. We love the timeless quality of this Franklin Bar Stool with its solid elm round seat and splayed leg base. Versatile, high bar stools like this offer everyday appeal as a tall island or breakfast bar stools, plus they can effortlessly float throughout your space for dynamic seating when entertaining.

When you shop online at Lulu and Georgia for bar and counter stools, you will find pieces that complement the style of your space while making it feel more elevated. No matter what you are shopping for, we have a selection curated by design style, materials, and color to choose from so you can find the perfect purchase for your project. Check out our Shop by Room page for more ideas and inspiration on how to best create stylish everyday living spaces. 041b061a72

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