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IPhone SE Tipped To Tote IPhone 6s’ 4K-capable Camera

* To identify your iPhone model number, see For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see Cellular technology support is based on iPhone model number and configuration for either CDMA or GSM networks.

iPhone SE tipped to tote iPhone 6s’ 4K-capable camera

Yet another uninspiring iphone that is at least 1-2 years behind the competition. Since I use Apple for my home PC's I was hoping for than another "S" series. Maybe one day they will have a phone that is worthy of competing with the Androids.

I can't wait for September 25. I've been using iphone since day one and this is by far the best update. I can't even imagine what the iPhone 7 will have. As a photographer, I am really looking forward to tying the camera. I just bought the Dxo One for my iPhone 6+ but it's going back to them. Nothing beats the convenience of just one single device in your pocket. I hope the new camera has a better DR. I am happy with my 6+ but I had the chance to try a Samsung 6 edge the other day and was very impressed with the camera. Far better than the current iphone. Still it's all about the user experience and OS. People forget it's a phone with a camera, not a camera with a phone. Can't wait!!!

Don't get me on RED or topic of pro. Enough of production video done on iphone alone! I am not an Apple lover. I am simply stating about 120fps that creates another level of creativity which other phones can't that's all.

Steve jobs once said " we believe Integrated will triumph Fragmented every time." . This has hold true . In every android phone i tried, they totally crapped out in performance, camera and whats not. China companies like Oppo couldnt run a decent android after 2 weeks of use. Sony is always half baked. I am ordering the pink iphone 6s. Glad to be back.

every phone has bugs, lags in certain condition and bug. that is why u have updates. but iphone is just way ahead in user experience in terms of the lesser frequency for these bugs in android. i am currently on android oppo r5, i have the m4 aqua and yes i do talk only on phones i owned. i have owned at least 6 android phones and all fall short vs the iphone 5s i had 2 years back.

halc,its not that iphone created the "hardware" innovation, its the iphone make it viable and beautiful in usage and practicality. These features that iphone added, changed the industry, that is at least 100% true and can be seen copied by the "next" android every time and been proven historically.

iphone at 8mp still beats whatever out there in every android phone even now. maybe the flaw is in android itself, a system that uses java codes that bloats up usage and memory consumption and an open system that ends up servicing way too many buggy apps. So triggering android camera often sucks, lags etc, they do worked beautifully on factory reset, which is pointless.

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