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Solidrocks 099 For 3dsmax 2012 Vray 20 Sp1 64bit Download Torrent

Solidrocks 0.99 for 3dsmax 2012 Vray 2.0 Sp1 64bit Download Torrent

Solidrocks is a script that adjusts and optimizes all the necessary Vray parameters to achieve the best rendering quality and speed in 3dsmax. It is compatible with Vray 2.0 and higher versions, and it supports various features such as Vray RT, irradiance map, light cache, distributed rendering, and more. Solidrocks 0.99 is the latest version of the script, and it is designed for 3dsmax 2012 and Vray 2.0 Sp1 on a 64bit system.

If you are interested in downloading Solidrocks 0.99 for 3dsmax 2012 Vray 2.0 Sp1 64bit, you can find a torrent link on [this website]. However, before you proceed, you should be aware of the following points:


  • Solidrocks is not a free script, and it requires a license to activate it. You can purchase a license from the official website of Solidrocks, or you can try the demo version for free. Downloading Solidrocks from a torrent site may be illegal and unethical, and it may expose your computer to viruses and malware.

  • Solidrocks is not a standalone program, and it requires 3dsmax 2012 and Vray 2.0 Sp1 to work properly. You should have these software installed on your system before installing Solidrocks. You can download 3dsmax 2012 from the official website of Autodesk, and you can download Vray 2.0 Sp1 from the official website of Chaos Group. However, these software are also not free, and they require licenses to activate them.

  • Solidrocks is not a magic tool that will automatically produce perfect renders without any effort. It is a tool that simplifies and automates the process of setting up Vray parameters, but it still requires some knowledge and skill in lighting, materials, camera, and scene optimization. You should also experiment with different settings and presets to find the best results for your project.

In conclusion, Solidrocks is a useful script that can help you improve your rendering workflow and quality in 3dsmax with Vray. However, you should be careful when downloading it from a torrent site, and you should respect the intellectual property rights of the developers. You should also learn how to use Solidrocks effectively and creatively to achieve your desired results.

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